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Oh yes, Lauren and Devin. This so resonates! And, thanks for extra clarification on WHY ratings/reviews matter. Early in the first season of my climate leadership podcast (with Larj Media) - Living Change - I got started with suggesting rating/review with my networks. I have been *pretty aggressive* and it has very much helped. When my team and I look at the range of climate and leadership focused podcasts, mine is often one that has the most ratings/good reviews (even with some others having been around for several years.

One thing we've seen as so beneficial for promoting Living Change has been that I had a deep/strong social platform on both Twitter and LinkedIn long before I became a podcast host. It's a testament to something I have long coached my climate influence clients around - build that social capital LONG before you "need" it. There's nothing like having some sort of foundation before you want to activate it. In the climate and sustainability space, there are more and more moments (like ClimateWeek NYC and COP28 later in 2023) where those moments of activation really matter.

Thanks so much for sharing your insights and building community around podcast marketing, both.

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